Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Google Australia censorship

Google Australia has removed several posts from this blog, at the behest of the criminals whose securities fraud are exposed within. People in China and Russia are free to read these posts if they wish, and make their own mind up, but Australians are not allowed to. In Australia, criminals decide what information you are allowed to access. This is for your own good. However, Australian readers of this blog can bypass this censorship by adding /ncr to the blog address, with the full uncensored version of The Great Australian Investment Ponzi available here:


The removed posts can be accessed by Australian readers by following these links:


The Chilling Effects clearinghouse still has not processed the takedown requests in relation to these posts. Perhaps this information is taboo too. If you are a rich criminal, the Australian system works great, as it allows you to hide your crimes using legal threats. After all, who has better access to lawyers, rich criminals or whistleblowers? According to Google's transparency report, in the first six months of 2013, the Australian government made 19 requests for content removal, of which 4 were for defamation on Blogger.


With recent judgments against Google in Australia and in the EU, the censorship situation is likely to deteriorate worldwide. The effect of this is easy to predict. Information that is true and in the public interest will be suppressed by those with the means to do so.

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