Monday, 28 October 2013

Just shilling and enjoying the ride

It is standard business practice for Australian investment companies to ramp the share prices of controlled holdings, with the fraudulent "market prices" giving rise to unrealized profits. Ramped assets are packaged in asset backed securities and dumped on granny investors as companies issue shares. The result is long term shareholder value destruction, interspersed with temporary ramps to benefit insiders. Associated shills play a key part in this securities fraud, with the Sydney Morning Herald even having a dedicated column for shilling ramped small caps. The Under The Radar column features a particularly vile individual shilling stocks he is perfectly aware are manipulated, with his latest column advocating the exponentially ramped FNP.

The column touting FNP makes for surreal reading.

The shill freely admits that the recent exponential ramp of FNP "defies logic". He acknowledges that FNP is trading at 205 times its FY13 net profit before abnormals. The shill is aware that a single shareholder holds 60% of FNP, that the top twenty shareholders own 90% of common shares and 98% of convertibles. The shill claims to "not understand" why the "market" suddenly values FNP at half a billion dollars. Yet this is apparently of no concern. The shill recommends granny investors keep holding this manipulated stock and just "enjoy the ride".

Of course, were the shill to admit that FNP is ramped, he would be confessing to being an accomplice to securities fraud. So lo and behold, the shill feigns complete innocence. The Under The Radar shill has ties to criminal listed investment companies and has repeatedly aided them in securities fraud. MIR holds a major stake in FNP, and may have been the source for the shill's anonymous quotes in the article. The shill also recommended investors "enjoy the ride" when CTN ramped BCC.

For reference, here is the ride that the shill thinks investors are "enjoying" at BCC, showing the now familiar pattern of long term shareholder value destruction interspersed with ramps to benefit insiders:

When one day the shill shuffles off this mortal coil, leaving the world an unequivocally better place, hopefully he will enjoy his well-deserved ride straight to hell.

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